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Your dedicated partner for design & procurement
Meet Arc Studio, the app that combines measurements, design creation, and materials ordering into one streamlined process – allowing you to go from inspiration to materials ordered in less than 10 minutes.
And it's completely free to use.
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Trusted by builders nationwide

Avg savings per project
40+ hrs
Avg hrs saved per project
Cost of our services
"The clients I’ve worked with are very excited about this. They can see the design they want and see what their materials cost is."
Paul, Banah Home Services
The fastest way to design & order materials
Help clients visualize their remodel on the first site visit, then completely hand off the materials ordering process. Boost your net profit by saving on administrative time.
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Capture your space
Take a simple, 60 second scan of your space for exact measurements, a floor plan, and initial takeoffs.
Floor plan
View custom designs
Instantly see designs applied to your space on the initial site visit. All of the materials needed for a remodel are included.
25+ designs
3D visualization
Full materials list
Configure in real-time
Select a design and make it your own. Everything is completely customizable — from the shower wall tile to the faucet. See live pricing, lead time, and all materials in one place.
3D visualization
Extensive catalog
Live pricing
Order & track materials
Get an automated materials list with accurate takeoffs. Review every item you need for your project, edit material quantities, and add to cart in one click.
Materials list
Order tracking


Is the app really free to use?

The Arc Studio App is absolutely free to download and use, for both you and your clients.

Can my client use the app?

By sharing a link to their project, homeowners can download the app and actively participate in designing their remodel.

Do your designs meet architectural standards?

Yes, using our curated catalog and material business logic, spatial layouts follow architectural and code standards.

Are construction materials included in the materials list?

All necessary materials for your remodel are accounted for in our designs. This encompasses construction materials, fixtures, and finishes. Our materials list is comprehensive, detailing the correct quantities required for your project.

What is your material pricing structure?

Our materials are sourced from multiple suppliers and are not marked up above retail.

How do I get started?

Book a demo or reach out to us at (253) 347-3484 to get a link to your personalized version of the app. Then you can start using it on your next project.